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The Fair Grove Lions assist the Thomasville Lions at the Vision Van located in front of the car wash at the annual Everybody's Day street festival in Thomasville. We work the first shift (8:00-9:30am). Other clubs within the Davidson County Lions Council take shifts also. This is a great project! It is totally free for anyone to walk up (no reservations) and get a eye screening. Only takes a few minutes to find out if you need to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor for a complete eye exam. Check out the pictures below for a walkthrough of the process. Click the pictures to enlarge.

Find the Vision Van

Located in front of the car wash on main street.

Fill out a short form

Fair Grove Lion President Patricia Carroll and 1'st Vice President Dixie McAdams with past District Governer from West Lexington Lions Club David Miller to assist.

Walk into the Vision Van

Past District Governer from Thomasville Lions Club Aldeen Robbins is there to assist you in the door.

Take the eye test

Fair Grove Lion Mary Ann Moody

There are several testing stations

Fair Grove Lion Mary McGuire

Another testing station

Fair Grove Lion Linda Lambeth

And another testing station

With four testing stations we can get you back to the festival quickly.


Past District Governer from Thomasville Lions Club Bennie Pugh will give you the results.

Exit the Vision Van

Thomasville Lion Glenda Candy will assist you to the door and give you a sticker as you exit.


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The Fair Grove Lions  will not manage the  Thomasville Christmas
this year.

We gladly give our partner since 2011  full control of the parade.

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