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Below are 8 photographs of the floats we have available to you for the parade in Thomasville on Sat., Nov. 17 at 3pm.
The price per float is $450. This price includes the entry fee. The float will be delivered, as seen in the photograph, to the line up position. The float will arrive with a driver and vehicle to pull the float through the parade. A sign to identify the sponsor is placed on both sides of the float. The sign will be neat and easily read from a distance. Basic simple signs show best. We do not reproduce company logos.

When referring to a specific float, use the number on the side or bottom of the photograph. Each photograph represents one float; there are no duplicates and no color changes. Please see the Safety Requirements and Recommendations by Richey Parade Floats below the photo gallery.

Also, regardless of weather conditions, rain or shine, the float will be in town prepared to run the parade as scheduled.

Contact Patricia Carroll before Nov. 1st to order a float.
Phone: 336-472-0827
Work: 336-474-1228
E-Mail: pcarroll@bchfamily.org









Safety Requirements and Recommendations by Richey Parade Floats

No smoking

No alcoholic beverages

For safety reasons, we recommend no candy or any item thrown from the float

Children under the age of 16 must have an adult supervisor present at all times

No running, jumping, dancing, clogging, etc. on the float

Personnel riding on the float should stand or sit at designated areas

Do not sit with legs over the side of the floats

All personnel are to remain on the float during the parade and while the float is in motion

Maximum of 12 adults on the float

No hay, straw, mulch, sand, etc. on the float

No confetti, "snow:, polyester cotton fill

No pets or animals

No motorized vehicles including cars, boats, motorcycle, 4 wheeler, hot air balloons

All items must be removed immediately following the parade.
We will not be held responsible for lost items.

Personnel should make arrangements of transportation at the end of the parade route

Ride at your own risk


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The Fair Grove Lions  will not manage the  Thomasville Christmas
this year.

We gladly give our partner since 2011  full control of the parade.

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